Thursday, January 01, 2009

First post of the new year!

A Big happy New Year's to everyone! It's finally 2009 and hopefully things go much better then 2008

I don't have much to share to start things off this year but i made this "comp" of two different sets of drawings that i did, i could have posted them apart but for some reason i felt i wanted to save some space.

The top image i had this little story idea of a guy running away from some sort of creature ( you can see the creature's claw outline on his back) and running towards an older styled house ( kinda like the house from Psycho) but that's as far as i took this piece

below is Atlanta and Archie from Class of the Titans, in this one i pictured Atlanta to be saving Archie since he's some what of a wuss in the series time to time.



Brownie Major said...

Are you doing Class of the Titans fan art Dan? Haha

Brownie Major said...

In response to your post yeah I've seen last Exile. Borrowed it off of Fai one time and watched it over christmas. It's . . . not bad, except for the lameass ending.

Yeah spike's ship is probably pretty cool, though like I say I should do some of my own designs instead.

Ken said...

happy new year dude!

nice perspective on that house... I like the composition

david benzal said...

Nice drawing!

bog_art said...

Happy 2009 my friend!.. I hope the new year comes with more of your great work!..

TH3DEN said...

nice perspective on the house on the hill! :)

robi pena said...

Superbe illu :-)!!! Happy new year my friend!