Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hey Everyone,
some little updates, this first dude reminds me of micah gunnell's character Dex from Soulfire:dying of the light from aspen comics ( good series by the way) i wasn't trying to do that but i think the simple face/expression and hair just reminds me now as i look at it.
Second guy should be easy, its Ichigo from bleach! I just started reading this series ( don't take me to be a huge fan boy already) but i couldn't help but try and whip something up, i think the thing i like most about the series is that character's actions and manners ( he's a quiet,greedy,stuck up asshole who doesn't take crap from anyone!) so what's not to like?
anyway more to come

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Ken said...

cool drawings dude. Ive heard of Bleach, but I dont really know the characters your referring to! haha