Monday, May 25, 2009

East Meets West : Agent East

More of an update for my movie poster idea, i did a rough sketch of the asian agent and then i went ahead and colored inside flash since i want a certain color style for this.

I looked at some bruce lee/ ninja/ jackie chan type movies to get an idea and for reference, as you can see i went with more of a bruce lee look but i made him older because you don't see many buff older kung fu dudes


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fake Movie poster WIP and sketches

So some sketches i did today and a little project if you would which is a fake movie poster, my idea is a movie called " East meets West" about a ninja/kung fu agent from asia who meets a beautiful and sexy female agent from the West who together are going to fight some evil dude, i know it sounds lame but i wanted to go ala james bond but i didn't want to be too cliche so i did this instead, below is my thumbnail and some sketches for the female character.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

WIP controller drawings

So i had a close friend of mine ask me and some other friends of ours to do some custom artwork for an arcade game controller stick he is getting.

He's a bit of  a Marvel fan hence the Wolverine and Deadpool sketches and drawings below, he wanted to have those two characters and perhaps a third doing something so i whipped up some thumbnails that would cover his whole controller, he asked to have it Black and White ( Inked with a bit of shading ) and have it action packed.

So i guess it's a good thing i've been doing lots of fan arts lately, so here you can see my takes, of course i used reference and for some of it i relied on it more as my friend wanted something more like the comics ( he's a picky bum lol ) 

Nothing is final and just WIP for now, it might now even happen as he's still thinking of what he wants and how but i thought i'd post some work.

I won't be updating too soon since i've had a cold since last week too


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wonder Woman and guys

Some fan art of Wonder Woman, i haven't drawn any ladies in a while, i also like how manly i drew her hands in the one picture :P

Also some guys , just messing around

Colors are copics and ink, pencil, col-erase