Friday, October 26, 2007

sick as a dog

Hey all, sorry but i'm gonna put these older pics up, i'm as sick as a dog right now so i probably won't have anything new for a bit, i started some doodles but haven't scanned them yet.
so enjoy these, both are friends of mine

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

special honor

It's my special honor to say thank you to John Nervarez who kindly took the time to not only look over my blog but as well to add it to his blog picks on his recent post.
I kinda feel like i don't deserve it seeing all these great artists that he finds on the giant blog network but i'm thrilled never the less!
I'm sorry for such a rough scan on the first pic there, seems the paper i just got is quite a bit thinner then the other stuff i used to use.
I drew up some Archie from titans, they are off some storyboards, and a bit cleaned, so maybe some day soon you can see them on tv? stat tuned...
and lastly no its not a self doodle but i have been told it looks like guys are just gonna have to sit tight because you'll be seeing alot of that guy pretty soon.
cheers and please check out John's blog if you haven't already! he has some of the most amazing stuff on there!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

end of the pad

Another weekend post, this one is pretty weak i'd say, it must be the fall/winter mood hitting me, but i'd like to get more done.
on a totally different note i've been collecting a new comic series out from Aspen comics called "Iron and the Maiden" its a neat comic with great art work, some of the covers and designs are done by jeff matsuda ( found on my links) check out their site as well at

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sorry for taking so long for an update, i've been a bit lazy and busy on other things lately, anyway i have more drawings in the works so i'll update soon.