Tuesday, February 27, 2007

collection work

recent doodles expressions and body for same character

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

TMNT..and rants

Wow, i simply can't believe how low hollywood will go to make a movie, i mean can't all those over payed writers and directors make a semi-decent movie without having to resort to taking an older movie and re-hashing it to make a newer shitty version of it, case in point : batman, superman, ninja turtles....how long untill we see a new robocop movie? its not even that, i mean sure because of this new TMNT movie lots of people got a chance to work on it, by no means am i ranting on them, if i had the chance to work on this i probably would to, i'm just pissed at the big suits in the broad rooms making this crap, thinking how easily they'll score some fat cat bucks, its become more of how much money they can make over story and characters.
I don't look forward to this movie, i liked the ones from the 90's because i feel those had character, sure its dudes in suits but its better then some shitty CGI versions, not only that i'm sure they'll try and make it dark and gritty like all the movies nowadays, again case in point: miami vice, i liked the TV show, sure it had dudes in colorful clothing and was more on the comic side, but really how many more good/bad cops looking to bust drug dealers in a big city movie do we need to see? and before some hot shot sends me an email saying " but dan..you never even saw TMNT yet.... don't bash it before you do" yeah right....that's just the clever marketing behind this movie, i mean if they really wanted the hype and market, they should have done it right when the cartoon series came out a few years ago.
Now a few other quick rants on some recent and not so recent films:
DREAM GIRLS: for the love of god, i hate jennifer hudson, she's not talented, she's not pretty, she can sing well....BIG DEAL, don't talk about her, don't give her awards, in fact i'm fairly certain after this hype she'll just fade away.
SAW III: yawn...i liked the first two more
BECAUSE I SAID SO: OMFG...are you kidding me? who is this marketed to? baby boomers? young hip hop kids? i can't find any logical reasoning to make this piece of shit, sure i think mandy moore is cute, but that's not enough to save this boring and cliched film.
JET LI'S FEARLESS: i thought this was a cool film untill it got to the part where jet li's character goes and lives in the country side, i liked the fights, i liked the moves, but the whole i must kill for honor or revenge is so over done, chuck norris did it, bruce lee did it, arnold did it, just leave it alone.
GHOST RIDER: holy crap! just when you thought super hero films would be good, and they were looking good thanks to spider-man/x-men/FF4 movies...then comes ghost rider, who CASTED this movie? i mean are you kidding me?? nicholas cage? please...and no offence but ghost rider isn't the most popular or cool hero around...if it was iron man however....
That's all the rants i have that i can think of at the moment, again i'll write this because some moron wouldn't clearly understand my words and think i'm just a bitter turd, this is my opinion, i haven't seen all of these films, nor do i intend to, i don't want to support hollywood and make them think that their doing a good job, in fact people going to movies is at an all time low, and i wonder why, maybe its because its time for these marketing people and suits to wake up and realize that it can't be about the money, things just need to change.